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They all wear the same shoes

Clinton or Trump, both are the same, both thinks the same about the people they are supposedly support. The american working class are just looking to find something comforting to their ears to hear, much just like another form of heroin addiction. Funny how anyone think either Clinton or Trump can change their life is beyond me, working class people are fucked no matter how you look at them ,and the liberals/conservatives that each side so hates is not gonna change a bit. And by the way to the conservatives, this time around, the industries that are overly liberal are leading the way in this new capitalistically world, hence why you see the overspreading of liberals and their views. When the tide turns (Or should I say when the tech bubble eventually burst), depend on which industry goes up, the predominate political winds is going to shift again. However no matter what, the decline of the working class will continue, as modern capitalism is requiring less and less labour input, there are no one that can singlehandedly change that fact.