Don’t Fool Yourself By Not Expecting Expenses
Ludger A. Rinsche

MyFreedomAccount — Revised for 2016

Don’t Fool Yourself By Not Expecting Expenses

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Here I present you the new version of MyFreedomAccount. I gave it a full overhaul.

VBA-Free Version

First of all: I created a version without any VBA code. So if you had security concerns you can use this version. And probably more important: this version should work flawlessly with Excel’s web and mobile apps.

Of course, this approach has some disadvantages:

  1. Sub-accounts has to be created by copying and customize an existing sheet.
  2. The overview can’t be auto-created. You have to name them manually and add the names to the list.
  3. The Pay All / Pay Now function can’t work. Instead you have to add all down-payments manually to the accounts.

Design Changes

MyFreedomAccount 2015 —Red and green, what was I thinking?

The version from 2015 was functional but really, really ugly.

The new version got nicer colours and a better layout. I reduced the number of buttons and increased the space for adding notes..

MyFreedomAccount 2016 — deutlich augenfreundlicher.

Technical Changes

Last year I used a hack to create the overview of sheets (as described here). That worked well, as long as you hadn’t two MyFreedomAccount-files open at the same time. I found this bug when I started to work on the new version.

Now I create the list with a custom VBA formula which should work without a conflict.

In addition I increased the error tolerance when adding a new sub-account.

Where To Get It?

You can get the files from my GitHub repository:

Or use these direct links:

2016 MyFreedomAccount — withVBA.xlsm

2016 MyFreedomAccount — noVBA.xlsx