Introducing ‘LinkedIn’: Hello Monday’s New Podcast About Our Radically Changing Work Connections

Hello Monday
Mar 5 · 3 min read

Monday’s are about to get a whole lot better. Earlier this week, LinkedIn launched the Hello Monday podcast, so today, Hello Monday, a Digital Creative Agency on a mission to turn the worst day of the week into the best one, is starting the development of the first episode of our new, 13-week podcast, called LinkedIn. Coincidentally, it’s also our 13th year as an agency.

LinkedIn is a show where Senior Editor at Large Vela Krachangloke (that’s me) investigates how the nature of connections is changing, and how those connections are changing us. We’re asking our guests — and ourselves — the big questions: what do connections mean to us? Should we love the people that endorse us? How do we make sure we still have connections tomorrow, and that they’re “good” connections…connections we feel good about?

In our first episode, which you can download in the Apple Podcast store soon, we’ll be sitting down with someone, ideally the host of something, and an alum of sorts. We will speak about how to get the right endorsements, the hustle of connecting with the wrong people 100 times before you get it right, and the adrenaline rush of discovering that 1000 people have viewed your profile (apparently, it serves as the elixir for any illness).

Over the next 13 weeks, I’ll bring you intimate interviews with guests who have significant ideas to share about how to prepare for the future based on people that have figured out how to cut the LinkedIn email updates in half — people like world champions, best-selling authors, and design firm CEOs. Their stories will inspire at the same time as they leave us with practical advice.

Also, we plan to rely on you, the Hello Monday community, to move these ideas forward. Our managing news editor that we don’t have yet, will be joining me each week to share insights from conversations that are taking place at Hello Monday. We’ll be asking how you’re approaching the challenges our guests bring to light.

Today’s connections look so different from the one my college prepared me for in the late 00s. That change hardly feels dramatic compared to what’s coming — artificial connections, self-driving endorsements, augmented reality jobs. So what can we all be doing right now to make sure we’re ready for that change, and energized by it?

Stay tuned for the podcast here:

If you can’t wait, then check out LinkedIn’s podcast about Hello Monday. If they’re looking for experts about the topic, we might know someone :)

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