The Making of a Forest – Part 2

An open creative experiment

At the end of 2016, we decided to share a half-baked idea with the world. Well, not the entire world. But with you. We called it For Our Globe, a platform for creative and experimental projects that benefit our planet. Early into this new year, here’s where we are with the actual platform that will host the initiatives in the future. One of these projects is a tree experiment we call The Making of a Forest.

For Our Globe — current status

If the above doesn’t make any sense to you, you can read the first part of the story here:

From now on, these posts will be a bit more quick and dirty so we can share our progress as it happens. Here’s the latest updates from the Forest experiment:

6. Finding a voice

We started to write the script for a short animation that will introduce the initiative. Next up was finding the right style for our VO. We were looking for an old, Ent-like voice. The idea is really good on paper (talking trees), but it felt a little forced and also a bit too long. Check it out:

We decided to trim the script and continue the search for the perfect voice.

7. Getting the first storyboard

We got this rough storyboard from our partners at the Ukrainian animation studio.

For the few of you that don’t speak Russian, here’s a translated version:

The camera is floating slowly down the empty, grim, and dry land.
Suddenly, a stalk grows out and becomes a tree. Behind it another and another and another. The camera moves away.
The camera is increasingly surrounded by trees.
The camera moves away and is aligned so that we see the ground and then transition to bird perspective. Trees grow into an SOS sign.

8. New collaborations

In part 1, we were wondering if agencies would actually be interested in making experiments for a good cause in their downtime. It turns out they are! One of the first to reach out was Adoratorio in Italy. They offered to help with design and development of the tree project, so we’ve set up a shared Google Slides doc / creative jam session around IA and UI. In true transparent process style, we’re opening up the process for whoever is interested in following along:

We’re also happy to let you know that the following agencies have expressed interest in contributing in the future:

We understand that most new initiatives might not happen until the For Our Globe platform is up and running. That’s why we’ll be focusing on getting a simple version out sooner rather than later.

Heed suggested that we set it up on Slack: If you or your agency wants to contribute, reach out at

9. Costs

We’ve estimated that we’ll need to plant around 13.500 trees. We’re waiting to hear back from the tree/land vendor to be able to figure out how much one tree donation would be.

Sketch from the ideation process

It’s a lot of trees, yes, but it’s also an important message for future inhabitants of our globe.

We’ll be back soon with Part 3.

Update: Part 3 is ready.

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