the story, the image, the offer, the experience and the employee
Your Brand isn’t a Logo. It’s a System.
russ h. meyer

This is one of the best paragraphs about Brand I have ever read. One callout: Image and offer can reasonably be called marketing functions. I think Story and Employee (culture? HR?) ultimately need to come from leadership. Experience should be driven by product. With all that you’re not just talking about managing a brand system, you’re talking about managing a company. To your point, this is why brand as a concept is so inadequate. Branding as a marketing function is not enough, but calling a whole company a branding exercise seems like over-reaching. As a fellow brand strategist, I often find myself speaking to these intersections—trying to sell a holistic vision of brand. But it’s an uphill battle when your budget is coming out of the Marketing dept, whose incentives are not usually “whole-company” driven. Thanks for the clear, terse, and insightful article.

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