Your’s 1 hour #investInYourself

My life became so monotonous in office work that I wanted to quit everything. I was not having time for anyone. I was getting frustrated, short tempered, stressed out even I was not having time for myself. In those years if anyone asked me — “ what you want the most ?” the reply was “time for and with myself only.”

I read somewhere that you have to get time for yourself and then I decided from 24 hours I will get my 1 hour and invest on me only. Will do anything apart from spending time on internet, office, sleep and TV. There were some unsaid rules:

1- Get off from internet

2- No Laptop, No TV

3- Try new activities or the activities I stopped during busy schedule.

Without any doubt I wanted to start with the coloring, drawing, sketching. There is something in the colors that brings smile on my face and I whenever I see anything creative I wanted to re-create that. So, my friend pushed me to give it a try and we went for the shopping of the pencils, colors, drawing pads and whatever we liked we just bought it to start my “1 hour to invest on myself”.

Nothing was changed in my work life but now every night after office I pull out my colors, pencils and drawing pad and started working on my 1 hour. In starting it was little tough , there were days when I have to search for inspiration , staring a blank page, or searching for perfection. But my friend told me forget perfection just do what you want to, create what you want and how you want. Me and my friend went to museums , had walks in streets , and anywhere which could click my creative button. Slowly slowly I started creating my artwork . I was now comfortable with pencil.

As a result, now I am happy and satisfy apart from my busy job now I have a passion to do. Now, I google, watch videos, follow artists, re-create artworks, I practice and try new tools and techniques.

My 1 Hour #investInMyself brought me positive attitude and happy me. Moreover, when my friends told me that they like what I am creating it becomes more motivating.

All I know now is- “ there will never be time for you. You have to get it out for yourself. If you love something, do it often, do it more it will do wonder.”

Invest in Yourself now!!