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Arya’s boat to Westeros goes astray and she ends up stranded at Hardhome. She steps off the boat to see a waiting army of wights, and she has no time to grab Needle. An epic fight scene ensues where she is forced to kill 500 wights and a White Walker with nothing but her bare hands. The next scene shows her wandering alone and dirty-faced through the snow, Needle comfortably in its scabbard, when Nymeria bursts out of nowhere and jumps on Arya and licks her face. Arya giggles and hugs Nymeria and then stands up and solemnly says, “C’mon, let’s go get the rest of these bastards.” Then the camera cuts away to show Arya and Nymeria, side-by-side, leading a pack of 300 battle wolves towards the Heart of Winter. The camera pulls farther back to show Jon leading an army of wildlings and Northmen in the same directions, with their paths sure to converge.

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