I think your comments about Apple Maps are off base.
Brandon Field

But how did Apple come up with this statistic?

Because I bet I count as having “used” Apple maps half a dozen times last week. But it’s only because it’s tightly integrated into their system, and I always accidentally click on address links in the Yelp app or Safari searches or whatever, forgetting that it brings me to Apple maps. And every time Apple maps opens up, I say, “[cursing] Apple maps.” And then I go to Google. Or to nothing, because sometimes I just click because I see that there’s a link, even though I don’t really need directions. I have a feeling that a lot of other people’s use of the app is accidental due only to the tight integration, and that they would prefer integration with Google maps, and so I suspect that this “popularity” statistic is erroneous.

I know that companies improve things over time and I do like the convenience of integrated maps, so I give Apple maps an honest evaluation a couple times a year. It always disappoints me. Just this year after yet another disappointment I googled “How to remove Apple maps.” The only way is to jailbreak my phone, which I have no interest in doing. But if I could remove it and make Google maps the default option, I absolutely would.

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