By Charlie Miner, CEO of Notch

WorkOf Studio | One Manhattan Square

Designers are a critical part of the construction ecosystem, and we’re always thinking of ways Notch can help them do their jobs more efficiently. Below I’ve run through a few features we’ve built to allow for more seamless product specification, space planning and collaboration.

We hope these tools help design teams speed up product selection and create clear presentations. We also hope they’re fun to use.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to reach out anytime.

Be well,

Clip, Tag and Collaborate on a Floor Plan

Several design spec software tools have some type of “clipper” that allows…

By Charlie Miner, CEO of Notch

The Notch Project Ecosystem

We first conceptualized of Notch in late 2018 during conversations with a small but growing coffee franchise in Brooklyn, NY. The store development team at the brand had just been tasked with opening 25 new cafes in 2 years, and they were relying on spreadsheets, email, Dropbox and “tribal knowledge” to manage planning, design and construction of each new location.

The design and build process is complex, and procurement is time consuming, but we recognized that the repetitive nature of the tasks that make up a franchise rollout would lend well to automation by…

By Charlie Miner, CEO of Notch

Introducing Notch

Today I’m happy to introduce Notch, a project management software for space planning and multi-vendor procurement.

Notch was developed in direct response to industry-specific needs we identified building WorkOf, an online marketplace for lighting and furniture, and WorkOf Studio, the company’s in-house design agency.

The procurement process needs to be rethought. Disjointed systems and decentralized processes lead to a lack of transparency and efficiency. There is no single-solution planning and procurement software for large scale design and build projects. Notch is here to fix that.

Positioned between traditional specification writing tools used by interior…


Notch is an end-to-end software solution that helps businesses manage furniture specification, purchasing, installation and maintenance.

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