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At what point do you accept reality and at what point do you seek to change it? Is lack of privilege the factor that drives people to create change for themselves and others?

For me, over the years I’ve often thought about this as I’m firmly committed to improving the quality of life for people who are marginalised or suffering. Where did my awareness of difference come from? Growing up with a black African father and a white Australian mother and traversing two realities and cultures my whole life has given me insights into inequality and hardship, as well as the strength of community and kinship that many Australians will simply never experience.

Idealism is often derided but it must be remembered that the idealist is actually a realist. We are acutely aware of reality and choose not to accept it. We seek to create something better. Is the gap between action and inaction privilege and power? If we start with a premise that most people understand the concepts of racism and inequality — what drives a person to move beyond understanding and actually challenge the status quo? Is it their own personal suffering or hardship? Is it compassion for the pain of others? Is it anger at those who have unconscious bias that overlooks the humanity of some or anger at their overt desire to dominate others, based on their difference?

The people we remember in history are the humanitarians, people who looked beyond their own welfare to help others. Even the greats in fields such as sporting and politics are ultimately remembered for their commitment to other people and change — the person who can rise above their own everyday experience and take personal risks to ensure that one human’s life is not judged to be more important than others. For the most part how we look and our genetic makeup cannot be changed but the mind and heart are malleable meaning makers and the centres of our decisions.

With this in mind, do you accept reality or seek to change it? If you’re already creating change or want to start, I’d love to hear from you. I run a collective for changemakers, a community where we share ideas and make change happen. For more info on our initiatives please get in touch here:

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