Downtime on Reliance Jio

On Friday, 24th of March, a new update for our iOS app was rejected by the AppStore as it didn’t support IP V6. This being a long due update, our team quickly got to work and we made the necessary changes to support IP V6, tested it, once again, and pushed a new build at around 7 PM in the evening

Soon after, we started getting messages on Facebook and the match forum, which at times doubles up as a place where users voice their concerns that the app isn’t opening and that it’s getting stuck on the splash screen itself.

Now this was quite confusing as all the API and CPU usage metrics were normal and we weren’t able to recreate this issue on the devices of team members who were still there in office. What confused us more was that some of the users complained on the forum which can only be reached if a user lands on the home (which isn’t possible if your app gets stuck on the splash screen).

We are based out of a co-working space in Delhi and luckily someone who works in a different firm who shares our workspace was facing the issue. The team went into overdrive and we quickly figured out that this was an issue endemic to Reliance Jio users. We had a nagging feeling that this could be because of the IP V6 change , which was proven to be correct after a few rounds of testing. What was weird was that at certain times it seemed to be working for Jio users and we would get messages from them to that effect but moments later it would stop working (and we would get inundated with user messages complaining about this).

We decided not to take any chances and reverted the IP V6 change until the time we figure the exact reason why this was intermittently causing this issue on Jio.

Now we were caught up in another quandary, how do we get the iOS update approved since we were no longer supporting IP V6. Akshat Goel, our CTO, was totally averse to using a separate DNS for iOS, but then we prevailed upon him to do so as this release was long due. Finally, we pushed another update on iOS with a new DNS which supports IP V6 and are waiting with bated breath for it to get approved.

Lesson learnt: Do basic UAT on all major networks when releasing with any new network related changes.

P.S: If anyone has faced similar problems, do write to us at, we would love to hear more about this.

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