The burst of adrenaline when Lionel Messi scores the winner for Barcelona or a chill down the spine when Virat Kohli hits a regal straight drive to take you down the memory lane or a last minute loss to your rival sends you to a bad mood for the rest of the week, that’s what sports is all about.

But watching your favourite team play alone on television does not sound that promising now, does it? That’s why we got Rooter for you.

Rooter is the world’s first sports social and live match engagement platform where we connect you with fans all around the world to enhance your match viewing experience. A live match prediction game is something we have come up with to keep the fans connected in one way or the other. Our dedicated content team work hard everyday to bring you the top games from the top leagues every day.

Football, Cricket, NBA and Tennis are some of the the sports that we cover on a daily basis with English Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League, NBA, various Cricket series’ all around the world etc. being some of the biggest leagues you could follow day in day out on Rooter.

In our app we provide you news and stats of all the big games coming up. Weekly quizzes and pre-match quizzes are a part and parcel of Rooter. In our live match prediction game we create 4 sets of 9 cards each stating various stats to come true during the live match. Points are allocated to each card i.e. a 2 pointer card, a 3 pointer card and a 5 pointer card. You can select 1 card from each set and you can predict a maximum of 20 points. After the end of the of the half or the slot, cards are marked and points are awarded against the cards selected. When the game ends and all points have been updated, the top 10 people with the most points are awarded Paytm cash. Game of the Week and Rooter Redeem are some of the new features that we have added to our kitty in the recent weeks.

As shown in the picture above that’s how the prize money is being divided. To claim this PayTM cash prize all you have to do is provide your mobile number when you are creating your Rooter profile. PayTM cash prizes will be provided on your mobile number within 3–4 days of the match.

So Rooters, start rooting and start connecting.

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