Introducing new privacy feature

It’s a new dawn and with a new dawn comes new features at Rooter. Everyday our tech team works doubly hard to bring to you a smoother and a better experience than before. With every new update we add new features which make our app better than ever.

Block Tab in Chat

In this update, privacy of a user is taken very seriously. With our new block button you can now block or unblock a person when you open a personal chat window with a user. The block button can be found on the top right corner of the personal chat window.

Better Chat Experience

We have also improved our one to one chat which will make it much smoother for our users to chat and discuss a game.

Fan Connect through Match Forum

The main focus of Rooter is to connect fans from all around the world. Keeping that in mind we have created a shorter and a much simpler way for our users to connect with each other. Now when you click on the the user profile on the match forum you can directly visit their profiles making sure everything is fast and less complicated. Even when you click on the user profile in a one to one chat you can directly check out the profile of the other user.

Team Points of Rooters

Another feature that has been added with our new update is “Points Won”. Everytime we open the match forum we have to select a team. By selecting a team you show which team you’re rooting for. So the “Points Won” section will show how many points have been won by the supporters of that team. For eg. when Juventus and Porto are playing together you may choose to root for any team. So all the points accumulated by the Rooters supporting Juventus will come on the left hand side while all the points accumulated by Rooters supporting Porto will come on the right hand side. Healthy competition will always bring out the best in people. Keep Rooting and keep winning with Rooter.

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