Introducing Weekly Leaderboards

Sports is probably the best reality TV show there is except, everything is unscripted. The euphoric burst of joy and tears fans felt when Leicester City lifted the Premier League title is a classic example of what the urge to win can do to a sports team and a sports fan.

Keeping everything in mind Rooter has now introduced another new feature, The Weekly Leaderboard.

The Weekly Leaderboard will work in a very simple way. The leaderboard now has 3 sub divisions, i.e. Football, Cricket and Influencers. The first two divisions are simple enough. In a week spanning from Sunday to Saturday people who are participating in all cricket and football games will be put up on the Weekly Leaderboard. At the end of the week, Top 10 people based on the amount of points earned in cricket and football respectively will be put on the leaderboard and will receive PayTm cash prizes.

What is Influencers?

The third part of this weekly leaderboard, Influencers is a very unique leaderboard. When you reach the Influencers tab there is an Invite option in the right hand top corner of the screen. You can invite anyone to join this app by sharing the link. So when they download Rooter via that link and play and win points in games you will get featured on the Influencers leaderboard. For eg. if you invite 3 friends to this app via the Invite option and they win 100 points each while playing in a particular week, you will get featured on the Influencers leaderboard with a total of 300 points that your friends have accumulated over the week. Top 10 people on the leaderboard will get PayTm cash prizes.

Keep Rooting and Keep Winning!

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