Top Five Well-Known Blog Sites

There are many blog sites over the Internet, but some of them have achieved their huge loyal followings. Without doubt, the quality of content posted on these blog posting sites has a great influence on their popularity. In this post, I am going to list five top rated popular blog sites.

i. TMZ: — Thirty-mile zone (TMZ) is a celebrity news blog founded, as a joint venture of America Online (AOL) and Tele-pictures Productions on November 8, 2005. TMZ was first lime-lighted by the mainstream media after releasing the story of Mel Gibson. The managing editor of TMZ, Harvey Levin claims that this blog often pays paparazzi for using their photographs and videos.

ii. Whatthafact: — This blog site provides viewers’ knowledge about amazing and interesting facts, which are categorized into many categories, including Health facts, Human Body Facts, Country facts, Animal facts Educational facts, famous people facts and many more. This blog is getting huge popular gradually, thus increasing its Compete Rank, Alexa Rank and Quantcast Rank. Online reader’s follow Whatthafact as it provides right information’s with statics and facts on the topics or theme it covered. Each post on this blog site starts with “10 Interesting or amazing………” for example, 10 Interesting Facts About Bones, 10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Cucumber and 10 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking.

iii. Hot Air: — This blog was founded by Michelle Malkin, an American political commentator on April 24, 2006, and is a conservative Internet broadcast network. Hot Air is famous for its “Green Room” in which conservative as well as guest bloggers compose their own blogs /articles. In February 2010, the blog was purchased by Salem Communications but still it is well -known for the must-read articles of its writer ‘Allahpundit’. This hails in the top 20 sites on the Top 100 list of Technorati at present.

iv. TechCrunch:— Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, and provides analysis and news of startup companies, websites, and new products. Including more than 4,563,000 RSS feed subscribers; TechCrunch is now known as The TechCrunch Network that constitutes many other websites. This blog was the holder of 1st position in the Tecnorati’s Info/Tech category.

v. Perezhilton: — This is also one of the most well-known blog sites of entertainment arena, and was founded by an American blogger, name Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. Perezhilton was formerly known as, post are related to gossip about musicians, actors and celebrities., Perezhilton was ranked on the 143rd position in April, 2009 in America with two-third of users being American as well as strongest demographic being females with the ages between 18 and 24.

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