I’ve been working as a repair technician for a couple of fast food restaurants in the last four years. My experiences has led me to notice some ways restaurants are losing money.

75% of calls I get are caused by end user mistakes or poor knowledge of the equipment they are using. Your cooks, manager, cashiers, maintenance man, grandmother, etc should know how to work these machines (last two are just for kicks but you get my point).

The Situation

After paying a toll, wasting gas, and being 45minutes away I was called to fix an open fryer. I asked the manager what’s the problem and she replied, “it’s not working”. Well thanks! She could of easily said there’s no power, the switch is broken, etc.

When I got there this is what I saw…

How I fixed the machine that “wasn’t working”…

The computer was OFF and all I had to do was press a button. Any of these eight buttons, any. The funny thing is that it’s the buttons they use to cook.

At any restaurant I would assume that staff would try everything possible to the best of their abilities not to have a technician come over. Of course they don’t mind. It’s not their money, it’s yours.

Situations like this pisses me off because I feel like I didn’t earn it but I still have to invoice you for travel time and “labor”. I’m not being an a**hole, just being real. Don’t forget I wasted triple the gas, triple the toll, and triple my time.

(45min away + 45min back + 45min to my starting point)


Make sure your staff is certain they need to contact a technician.

Train your staff on the equipment they use.

Ask your tech to quickly show them what was the problem and how they can avoid this from happening again.

I hope right now you are looking at your account expenses and thinking to yourself how much money has gone to many so called issues we could of handled ourselves.

Good luck!

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