You can now send hidden messages in your content on twitter, facebook, WORD and more…even medium ;)

If you have valuable content, or content that needs⁡ ⁣t⁢o⁣ ⁢b⁢e⁣ ⁠s⁠e⁣c⁣u⁢r⁣e⁠,⁠ ⁠o⁣r⁢ ⁢w⁠a⁣n⁣t⁣ ⁢t⁢o⁠ ⁠s⁡end hidden messages to friends then read on…

You can now add a textmark to any content and then post it anywhere pretty much and know it is protected. People can even send hidden messages to their friends in plain text.

To try it out simply paste the content of this article and go to and then paste it in the box and hit “find textmark”. Viola! Magic :)

We would love to help you protect your content!