Comma versus Dramedy

Much in the vein of the classic Seinfeld “Bro vs. Manzier” debate which has been dividing the world for the last two decades, I would like to start a new one that deals with movies involving both comedic and dramatic elements. In the past, the word “Dramedy” was coined to describe a film that is both a comedy and a drama. I think the word “Comma” is an equal or better way to describe this situation and is achieved by using the first syllable of the word “comedy” then adding the last syllable of the word “drama”. So a dinner party conversation could go something like this: “Did you see the new Ben Affleck/Goldie Hawn movie ‘Seems Like Batman Got Booted’? Yea, it’s alright, it’s a Comma if you’re into that sort of thing”. Let the Comma/Dramedy debate begin. It could rage on for minutes or possibly even seconds.

By Marc Cianciola

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