Getting Started with Sketch — a Link Bomb

So, you’re looking to make the move to Sketch or your just wanting to level up? I could wax eloquently about how Sketch is the best app for UI design but there are already so many good articles like that. I’m just going to hit on a lot of great resources and let you run with it from there.

Read this article first

Now go download the app

And, I’m going to leave this here for you to read too — There are several chapters here that do a good job of introducing Sketch. Come back to this one when you’ve got questions.

Now, watch some videos

Get some plugins

I use Sketch Toolbox to manage all of my plugins.

Here are the plugins that I use frequently:

  • Sketch Measure — Awesome tool for Redlines
  • BaseAlign — Aligns text boxes of different sizes to their common baseline
  • Distributor — Distributes objects by a specified distance. You can use the Grid tool in Sketch to do this but the layers have to be order exactly right or it will reorder them by layer order (annoying).
  • Content Generator — I use this to populate random profile names and images for mockups (this can also be populated using Craft. Speaking of…)
  • Craft — This plugin has several features to it. Just go to to learn about it. Made by InVision — I can’t say enough good things about InVision, they are putting out amazing tools and their weekly digest email always has really great content.
  • SketchRunner is a new tool I just discovered. I haven’t used it much but it looks really powerful.

Become familiar with Symbols

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Checkout these awesome Sketch resources

Get these mobile UI kits

Why do a bunch of work when someone else has already done it for you

Still got questions, need more tips

Not overwhelmed with links yet…

These are not Sketch related but are some great resources to help you level up


UI Design Pattern Resources — Personally my favorite — Has the most desktop layout patterns

Windows (because, yes, people actually do own windows phones)

eCommerce — eCommerce Usability Research — eCommerce design patterns
 See also:

UX eBooks — This library is vast, and free! Don’t get overwhelmed by which one to start with, they are all good, just pick one and go.

For all the other links that I missed

You can find a nicely curated list here —

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