Say hi at Journalism, UX, media products. Past: SSIR, NYT, SupChina, Spectrum, SPARQ.

It was 40 years after cancer killed my first mom, Karen, that I began to grieve her death.

I didn’t know the process had gotten underway. I thought I was only sad about the death of my second mom, Susan, who also died of cancer, right before severe COVID lockdowns…

Revenue-hungry, quarantined and shrinking newspapers may have found another customer.


The remember-everything service has figured out a way to improve the scribblings of its 127-million-strong audience: Context

The Context update for premium customers will automatically make connections between a user’s notes and external information sources that include the Wall…

The clouds bar the way. It wouldn’t be so bad, but for the indifference of the storm. It sprays its contents as if there were no consequences to the pitter-patter-gush-splash. If Mother Nature chooses to slap away your fútbol joy, the least she could do is laugh or scream. Not this gray silence. Not this quiet wall of rain.

M. Amedeo Tumolillo

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