The Prelude

Okay, lets do this.

Lets get started.

This is obviously my first post on medium. So much talk about “just write”, “just start”, “your first attempt might not be quite perfect”. “your first jollof rice might not be the best”. Yea, I agree.

This post isn’t intended to teach you anything (later posts will, definitely). Its just my way of crossing the line, setting the ball rolling. It may inspire those who haven’t written anything. I was one there. Once I hit the Publish button, am out of that zone for good! Thats the intent.

This is also to add pinch of inspiration to those who have not posted anything, not written that book, or done that project, or that task. Just do it. It wont bite.

You know what. Time never stops. If a task/project will take 2 years to complete. Whether you do it or not, the 2 years will still come and you’ll regret you didn’t do it 2 years ago.

Just a little about me. Am a coder and an ardent learner. Oh my! You don’t understand. I mean, whenever I come across a new programming language, I just want to learn it. Especially when I see/hear so much talk about it. I would want to know why people use it, instead of other languages. For now am just really trying to focus on Frontend, Vue2, Angular 2 and PHP (Laravel — my new found love).

I plan to write consistently about what I learn, how I solved issues, tutorials I’ll like to share and my thoughts on lots.

I would be glad if you follow me on twitter (@hellotunmbi) and GitHub. Those little follows inspire me. I sure do follow back.

If you actually read this post till this point, Thank you, Gracias. Hope I made sense.