The Secret Chemicals That Made Any Interaction Successful

And almost cost nothing

Have you ever wondered why you clicked with someone so instantly. Or you feel as the person you were talking to is gonna be your soulmate. It happens so fast, you might even called it magical. This happens, i bet, a lot of time.

The homo sapiens, which by the way is the Greek name of our “species”, is not only amazing but also simple. In the early ages, we live not so different than we are today. I think what tells us apart are the advancement of technologies, other than that is basically the same.

In this post I wanted to bring up the topic of human interaction. But before I bore the hell out of you, this is not sociology or anthropology or even biology. I’d like to keep it practical and I hope you can understand human interaction more to help you advance you relationship with another person casually or romantically perhaps.

Just like psychoanalytic by Freud, what we see isn’t really what there is. Our unconsciousness probably took more part than or consciousness in our daily life. For example, when you see a mess in your room you get the calm urge to tidy things up and you did it as if it’s a total normal thing, even if you know there isn’t any reward afterwards but you do it anyway. It is just as simple as that.

The amazing thing about human interaction is it really easy to understand. There are four remarkable chemicals that our body secretes when we are in interacting with a person whoever it is. I admit, it kinds of reminds me about my Biopsychology class and four body chemicals is enough to make myself half-asleep or even asleep during the class. It is more than enough.

But here’s the thing about body chemicals, it advances our organ’s function if not it helps us, in a great scale. Better. We never realized when, well sort of.

  1. Runner’s High happens when athletes are running and they feel good while doing it. It is the kind of chemical released when you feel happy doing something. It could be one of your hobbies or jobs. Athletes become great not just because of their discipline but also how they feel when they do sports. Though it must have been tiring but this chemical mask the pain. This chemical is called Endorphins and when it releases we feel that we are at ease.
  2. Incentives for Progress in it simplest form is when we crossed something out of our to-do list. The feeling only ourselves can understand. In the theory of Erik Erickson’s Psychosocial Development, there is a stage that explains this kind of action, it is called Industry vs. Inferiority. Which states if a person did something to make progress or produce something on their own, they passed the stage successfully. If they didn’t or they failed to make something, they still go to the next phase but fail and there could be some imbalance in their life. This chemical is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction after we have finished an important task, completed a project, reached a markers on our way to a bigger goal. The chemical is called Dopamine and it makes us feel satisfied when we did something that makes an impact.
  3. Leadership Chemical presence is felt when we have a sense that people like us and we have their respect. Let’s have a common ground, we are social animal, so because of that we would be more than happy to receive other people’s approval. We all wanted to be valued for the effort that we put to advance the group. This is why those likes on Facebook and Instagram, views on YouTube and followers on Twitter exists (maybe not the only reason). The sense of pride we get when we graduate, that sense of approval. What this chemical does is not only making us feel valued by other but also it creates a stronger bond between us and the people who approved our achievement. This chemical is called the Serotonin chemical.
  4. Chemical Love bursts when we are working in an organization with people whom we trust. It is almost like when the teacher says to find yourself a partner for the science project, and you immediately choose your best friend. That is because this chemical is everyone’s favorite chemical. It is the feeling of friendship, love or deep trust. As a species who can advance more if we are in a group, we really need to know who to trust. The more we spend time together with this person, the more we are vulnerable around them, the more this chemicals flow. The last chemical is Oxytocin, the feeling which makes us trust the people in a business we want to grow.

I could call all them four as the secret potion but that wouldn’t be necessary. There is no secret anymore. Because what can make the interactions successful is that shot of trust. All leads to that feeling of deep deep trust.

The more we have this feeling, the more we are craving for it. Unlike dopamine, oxytocin is ever-lasting. It flows more and more after we spend more and more time with the people. And serotonin is also have an ever-lasting effects, it makes us trust ourselves and eventually do more and more to advance our business. So, look out for these four chemicals while you are interacting with someone. When you meet a potential business partner and talking to them, does your oxytocin flow?