How big is Twitter Moments?
Balaji S. Srinivasan

Frankly, this is a horribly flawed analysis. First, Twitter is not a search engine. Assuming that people search on Twitter to the same extent as Google is hugely flawed. Second, comparing visitors to Twitter’s explore tab with visitors to a dedicated journalism outlet makes no sense. Visitors to a search box on a social platform have little to no intent of consuming information, much less news, whereas visitors to a journalism outlet have all the intent of consuming news.

Lastly, the absolute last thing this world needs right now is “curated” opinions and news from anyone, much less a social network that has proven to be erratic about moderation, careless about propagation and hasn’t shown the power to innovate in a while.

What this world needs now is a platform that enables speaking truth to power. A platform that will bring people together to debate, interact and explore truth, lies and everything in between.

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