What I’d be curious about is this:
Michael Moldenhauer

I’m very much talking about encouraging them to code. And I totally agree with you that programming is a creative activity. To share a woman’s perspective, I have always found it more fulfilling to work on the entire pipeline of a product — from UI/UX design to system architecture to software architecture to data models to actual coding and deployment. I have had male colleagues who are happy cracking the global optima of a specific algorithm in code. Or to elevate coding to a new level with Haskell. I admire the smartness it takes to accomplish those things. But, that’s not me. I need to have deeply analyzed and built the end-to-end system for my own satisfaction.

When you are learning data structures and the beginnings of Python, things are more about logic than such a deeper or broader perspective. In depth and in breadth, creativity is a big factor, but to get there, you have to cross the fundamentals.

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