Are We Raising Our Sons To Respect Our Daughters?
Vidya Narayanan

Thanks to the multiple viewpoints here. Some respectful, some hateful. Of course, it goes without saying that empathy and respect must flow both ways. For all of those wondering why my post particularly highlights the aspect of raising our sons to respect our daughters, here goes.

  1. Women have been oppressed for centuries. As a person of Indian origin, I see that with my own mother — I don’t have to traverse too far in generations to see it. In this supposedly advanced world that is USA, we have stuff like this going on. The supposedly most advanced technology capital of the world, aka Silicon Valley, is rampant with sexual harassment stories.
  2. I am a woman who has experienced multiple variations of this scenario and has known other women who have, which has taught me this nuance of respect vs care.

For people who have taken away that this post is advocating men to do what the women want them to do, I’m sorry you have failed to see my perspective. Perhaps you will never see it and that’s the point of this article!

I know that the Tinder effect is also causing a surge in fleeting and disrespectful behavior from women and I absolutely condemn that as well. I’d empathize with a post that addresses that. Maybe I’ll even write it some day. But, this one right here is to highlight a woman’s experiences in this world of seemingly caring but not-so-respectful encounters!

Thank you for reading!

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