This doesn’t line up with my experience —I wonder if this is something that’s more pronounced at…
Zeph Harben

The objectives of any of my writings are two-fold — 1) share a candid perspective of my experiences and observations and 2) open up an honest discussion around the topic. This post is no exception. Definitely hope that this post leads to discussions that at least will result in some paths to positively encouraging women and minorities in engineering.

I totally believe in employing a non-linear hiring process. This is often difficult in places like Google where there are very well defined principles outlined for the interviewers and the hiring committee, especially for the more junior roles. I have always gone outside that box and it has served me well.

Time and again, I’ve hired smarter people than myself. I’ve not only hired people below my level, I’ve also hired people more senior than me without any qualms. I believe that is a fundamental quality for a good hiring manager. And I’m proud of most of my hires !

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