Invitation into the softness of your hearts

Dear ones,

These unravelling times of perceived chaos can feel ungrounded for the human emotions — that is because the shifts and changes you are experiencing at this time cannot be explained by the rational mind or emotions alone.

It is a layer deeper, one that many of you knew existed long before you incarnated onto planet Earth.

The human mind can put restrictions — trying to translate into a primitive language with structures not known in the dimensional worlds.

We invite you to tune into a different frequency — one using the colours of the rainbows, the harmonic tones of Gaia in resonance with the beat of your hearts. Light code through feeling, sensing and seeing an array of lights and geometric grid patterns.

These are the letters that make up structure to understand the vibrations in which — as a being in human form you are starting to understand once more.

We remind you to use these tools collectively and just like an infant learning the alphabet and numbers for human communications so too you are learning dear ones.

Learning how to encompass all of these multi-dimensional pieces to gain the wholeness — the expansion and the more aligned understand as to the truths of where you are at on your paths.

Many of you are still wondering when?, when will you gain access to your gifts, abundance, life shifts, your divine partners, the greater purpose — the deep service.

Many of you are still unsure as to your deeper paths at this time and unsure how to return to the wholeness of who you are.

Don’t you see dear ones?, don’t you see that you already are? — you already have access to all the tools you need for this learning within you. You have the DNA codes, you have the abundance codes, you have the multi-dimensional codes, you have the abilities for instant manifestations, for true love — deep love, divine love — the love of who you truly are.

It is all HERE for you in the NOW!, the journey is the explorations towards oneness, towards source. To embody all of your learning into a singular expanded moment of JOY — as you use all the tools to navigate your way through your dimensional experiences.

Let go dear ones, let go of the need to feel like you are not already there yet?, where are you trying to go? you came into this incarnation for experience to use all that is within you to share and expand your lights for awakening.

But you see dears ones — this is for you to embody first.

Use all your tools — don’t limit your perceptions of feeling small based on a present moment of emotional release through density, sadness or emotion. No no !! this is a joyful occasion one to be celebrated in the midst of release for the energy is no longer residing within your being — you are being freed to be more of who you truly are — light dear ones pure divine light and love dear ones total pure divine love.

These times dears one — know it’s all a passing phase of experience that all is coming up is more of who you are not.

Dear ones this is a magical — beautiful — abundant time to be alive. So get outside and feel the magic around you — feel the colours, the energy the harmony of Gaia as she too is here loving you, supporting you and wants to nurture you — so let your selves receive what you truly need — feel the intricate web of dimensional support — feel into these truths with your heart as you feel into the language of the universe that is here waiting for your communication also through awareness, open heart and understanding as you breathe deeply in the centre of your being and love yourself through each process of your human experience.

The untangling of old limiting beliefs and concepts can feel overwhelming at times as the new way to understand and navigate your dimension is still being put into place but the more you trust in your heart, the more you ground, the more you let go of human expectations the more you will truly stand strong in your multi-dimensional form.

Allow yourselves dear ones to love your selves unconditionally through each process in pain or in joy — either or is the same when you expand back out to your divine expressions.

Breathe dear ones — breathe and communicate through your hearts.

You are so loved

Collective Star Councils of Light & Dragons

Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension Guide 

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oe Davenport is a channel, master ascension guide and crystalline grid activator. Her multi-dimensional connection helps to expand her vibration to support those on the ascension path.

Your current reality holds the potential vibration for you to ascend into ascension mastery. Zoe assists you to master your pure creative potential by guiding you through your ascension awakening in order to gain access to all that you set out to achieve in this incarnation. 
Every aspect of her work is dedicated to help you achieve an accelerated ascension timeline by accessing your creative potential of Ascension Mastery through heart opening — healing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation. You will align with abundance; abundance of Love, connection, collaboration, co-creation, harmony, success, happiness, peace and the desire to step forward into the new paradigm.

Zoe has been called to work with the paradigm game changers of existence right now — to hold the space needed for those called to step up and become the way showers paving the way for mass global awakening through breaking free for their perceived limitations and karmic moulds.