Karma clearing Insights

By Katie IndiCrow & Zoe Davenport

Good morning from Dublin, everyone! A part of the work of the Lion’s Gate portal and the following moons is (and will continue to be) moving through releasing karma and karmic debts. My key task through the Lion’s Gate has been to go into my karmic debt load and to sort through that which no longer serves me, thus creating space for freedom in this life. The alignment of stars and energy many of you are emitting suggest that you are going through much the same. As a result, I’ve invited my dear friend and trusted energy working partner Zoe Davenport (who is having her own karmic release at this time) to join me today to share some insights we’ve gained through this process that may be useful at this time.

Katie: (Followup to, “What I Was Doesn’t Matter. It’s Who I am Today that Counts”.) This morning I continued the process of freeing myself from obligations and promises that I had made in past lives in the effort to try to protect people and grant them freedom in the face of beings whose wishes were to control human development. As I write this post, I can feel the energies of a new born freedom moving through each of my chakras, shaking loose debts that are not necessary to my ability to connect with my own free will and path.

As I’ve been moving through this process, I keep coming upon a masculine protector type of narrative. I actively shielded people and energies from contamination and made promises to sacrifice myself for the good of others. The cost of this is that I have had energy blocks on developments of certain parts of my own life, like the ability to receive and experience pure romantic love and the joy of being a human. At the time of making these promises, I felt they were important (and perhaps they were at one point). Where we are at as humans, now, however, does not require me to do that any more. Now, it’s time for me to inspire people to trust in their own creative power and highest potential.

Just prior to this ceremony, Zoe and I were speaking about the ethics of releasing karma. You see, these agreements were important to us — so much so, that we honoured some for lifetimes. She offered some wonderful insight that I’d like to share here, for it is widely applicable to the traps and obligations that many of us get into in this and other lives.

Zoe: Thanks Katie. Yes I feel this is important work right now for all those that feel called to do so (karma clearing). Truth is light, truth is love. Fear is heavy, fear is lies. We have tried so desperately as a physical consciousness to wake up collectively and BE IN JOY as to the wonders of being a human: the sights, smells, sounds. Yes our experiences are in divine order for our spiritual growth but where we are at right now in these moments are moving beyond our energy of karma.

This is a very vast topic to talk about and one that cannot be summed up into a few short words. For now, what I will say is don’t believe everything you feel you need to go through in order to understand the light in this life. There are many multiple dimensional agendas for this planet so please use discernment, ask you heart, be in your own power (when deciding which karma to honour and which to clear). When we truly understand the reason why people, places or things are presented to us, we see the gift are able to heal and move through the lessons. That which hangs around and no longer serves us blocks our spiritual and energetic growth as well as our creative freedom to enjoy this wonderful experience down here. Fighting our karma will not free us but love will, joy will and happiness will. We as a collective strive for this freedom lifetime after lifetime. See through the divides, judgements, and karmic traps. Rise above and FEEL love in the heart. From this point we can and will ascend into our highest selves.

Katie: So what is our point in sharing this message? We want you all to know that as you move through your karma and decide which to clear, don’t be afraid to shed agreements that no longer (or perhaps never did) serve you. Be courageous. Allow yourself to be free. It is ok to release that which no longer serves us (including karma). You are not obligated to honour anything that holds you back from living your best life in the N-O-W.

You are loving, you are loved, and you are deserving of love. Do not be afraid to sever anything (or anyone) from your life that makes you forget that.

Katie IndiCrow provides energy management and skills development training as well as 1:1 soul couching. See ‘about’ on IndiCrow FB page for service description: www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/

Zoe Davenport: Is a clear channel and author, out soon is her new book, “Love is the answer — a guide to awakening the heart and stepping into true authenticity” sign up at www.zoedavenport.co.uk for a preview chapter.