Lions Gateway — The Lyran High Collective Council of Light

“Beautiful, beautiful light souls — may we just take a moment to extend our love to you all. The amazing work you all do to expand and open your hearts to the truth of who you are is sending cosmic waves of abundant light throughout the galaxy and is felt far and wide by us who are assisting you at this time to keep reaching, keep expanding and keep grounding into the higher potentials of your divine love and joy. You may have been feeling our energy for some time — receiving codes, transmissions and upgrades and as we are leading you into the cosmic portal of the Lions Gate know more than ever you are needed to show up in the way you need to at this time.

Tensions may rise as the divide is felt more during these shifts — it’s important to pay attention to how you are supporting your energetic needs at this time.

Take a break, take a breather — take a walk out in nature and bring all the shifts back into your hearts to expand out. The next few weeks let go and surrender into the path as it unfolds as some timelines are looking to merge or collapse. Allow yourselves to receive what needs to come in at this time and allow yourselves to let go of what is no longer aligned for you at this time. Trust dear ones, trust in these shifts are moving you towards a greater alignment of who you are but also of the purpose you set out to achieve in this lifetime. Daily balancing of your energies and remember to keep expanding your hearts to the sheer JOY that is HERE for you now.

You feel start to feel a shift of the recent super moon and moving through the Lions Gate will be an opportunity for you all to get crystal clear with you intentions and manifestations. Trust in the accelerations at which your experiences are happening at this time.

You are so loved and we support your creative expansion at this time.

“The Lyran High Collective Council of Light”

If you are interested in learning more about your divine expression and how to share your frequency with planet Earth at this time;

Join us August 9th for a creative expression workshop

No longer see yourself as the victim — see yourself as the success story. Let go of the fear move into your expanded creative expression!

The Lyrans would like me to do a live transmission during the Lions gateway of 8/8–12/8, They have been attuning me to the frequency for the past month and I invite you to join us for this event.

***Expand and dance free in the space aligning for you now dear ones this is where the magic begins***

Let’s expand together and remember those divine moments of presence, grounding and pure divine creative expression free from the confines of the 3D reality.

There is ALOT of energy coming through right now around our divine potential, spiritual gifts and creative expression.

Our creative expression is everything when it comes to manifesting the reality most aligned to us. It enhances and strengthens our connection to the divine and allows the love to pour in through our hearts in infinite abundance to gift out into the world as we allow our ourselves to receive more of our expanded potential. We get to choose how we want to share our frequency with the world, we get to choose our creative expression of multi-dimensional self and we get to dance and play in this creative reality.

This interactive workshop will include a Crystalline Activation group session and a divine feminine/divine masculine integration. Channelled information from the Lion people and a safe and creative space in which to dream beyond our current reality and jump into a new potential.

You will be gifted clarity as to your next creative steps in manifesting your abundant reality.

Click the link below to find out more:

Join us August 9th for a creative expression workshop

All my love

Zoe Davenport
Crystalline Grid Activator & Ascension Guide