#loveistheanswer book launch

In January 2015 I decided to give writing a go and start sharing the insights I had been learning on my spiritual path. A few shorts blogs was my goal and what has since developed I could have never imagined. It turns out there was an entire book to share. But I guess when we open and expand our hearts to love we open ourselves back up to the infinite possibilities.

This is my truth, and a gift of love to help guide you on a journey back to your hearts and back into alignment with your souls. Writing this book opened me up to my path in more ways than I could have ever imagined, so if the content was only to help me heal, then I am in gratitude. If the content helps one other person, then I am in humble service. This book has already given me so much more in value than I could have ever have hoped to gain.

“With each exploration of intuitive writing spilling out onto the virtual pages of my slowly dying laptop, I went through every chapter, living, breathing and grounding the content into my heart so I could learn and share it with everyone”

The content from this book not only got me back to who I was, it helped to anchor my future version of happiness into the present moment. It helped guide me back to unconditional love and unlocked my true potential and my true path. I hope the same for everyone else — for them to find their inner love and to live in harmony with who they truly are.

Love is the answer

A guide to awakening the heart and stepping into true authenticity, is an energy book, not a thinking book, designed to gently assist readers on their continued journey of living with an awakened heart. Each chapter brings a renewed awareness that love is within them the whole time. Through daily meditations, affirmations, and journaling- they may step back into the truth of who they are to always follow their own heart, intuition and authenticity.

“We are turning the pages from our pasts and writing a new story, one where we are mindfully in charge with love”

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I’m an Author and Intuitive Soul Coach guiding people through spiritual awakenings, opening the heart and sharing who we are with the world.

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