Life is a struggle.
Futaba Jones

Hooboy…<coff>…’scuze me…sorry.

I almost choked on my foie gras when I read, “ We will indeed need some sort of “mincome” system as automation progresses, especially in the halfway point between “everything is plentiful” and now.”

A small suggestion. You may find it quite interesting to research more on how automation is leading us to the inevitable “everything is plentiful” world of our dreams.

In particular, research with a historical perspective.

I’m old. I’ve been waiting a loooonng time for the jetpack I was promised. Haven’t even received notice that it has been shipped. Can you believe it? No, me neither.

Another comment you made to Saul. “ While you’re sucking on the teat of your proposed benefactors, which I guess is everyone, who’s going to do the labor?”

Everyone? Sure, if you say. It may though, have a scale factor to it. Which begets another research suggestion: how many average working persons tax dollars went to bail out huge corporations who criminally defrauded the population of the US, save for fellow 1%’ers.

Spoiler alert. It was a very very very big number. REALLY BIG!

Um, again just whose teats are being sucked, please?

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