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Dylan Wilbanks

Senior UX Architect

Making product DELIGHT: work+communication+collaboration

Example: running a restaurant, working on a kitchen

Understand languages: product, devs, marketing.

Collaboration = kitchen

“Give me a whiteboard and i can change the world”
= empathy

Design is not longer is a mythical idea of a “DESIGN” or “PIXELS”. It is not persona

Real people behind it.

How to build a product that our users will take a poster note off?

work=actual differnece in the company

His slides

Seismic Change: Blowing Up Your Legacy System and Starting from Scratch

Andrew Sandler


Practical Enterprise UX Research

Rian van der MerweProduct Manager at Wildbit

You’ll learn:

  • How to get buy-in from executives and stakeholders for user research
  • How to choose lightweight yet effective research methods
  • How to document your results to prove ROI