A cry for love

I let it go


To vocalize

This side of me


I yearn to cry

To feel

To let my heart open up


To release

Emotions overflowing

I talk to people

Feel disgust


For myself and for the world

That there could be so much pain


What do we have to gain

By living

What’s the point of even having a name


To love

It feels so good

If I remember correctly


For now I live in fear

That someone I love so dear

Could decide to leave this place here


As I push away

I cry for love

To remind me why I feel so much


I forgot what it feels like to feel

Even though it’s only been a few hours

Maybe after I sleep

After another rain shower


The tears will flow

Stream from my eyes



Why do people have to die


I cry for love because I want to love

But the fear holds me back

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