Cathy Huang

Hadn’t seen her in a long time


Meet up for my birthday in the land of smiles

A full day of boating in Krabi

The sun shined


Wake up in Bangkok

Taxi to the airport

We catch a flight to Krabi


Feel so much appreciation for Cathy

Failure to express

I turn on a guided gratitude meditation

It feels amazing


I take up two seats

Sleep to dream

Write some poetry

Watch the clouds pass by


Land in Krabi

Shuttle to hotel

Check in

Drop off our bags


Run into Netta

Grab pancakes

Nutella and banana


Wait for the shuttle to the dock

Cathy makes some phone moves

We get our goggles and hop on the boat


First stop

We anchor by a big rock

It juts out of the water as if it were an alien space ship crashed into the bay


We jump off the second floor of the boat

Crash into the water

Feels like we’re in one huge jacuzzi


Goggles on

It’s time to snorkel




They swarm


The guides threw fish food right where we jumped in

Swim towards the rock

More fish


Dive right in


On to the next stop

We jump in again

This time there’s a small beach


So many fish all around

I find a school

Colors everywhere

Scales gleaming with the sun

Follow them around for half an hour

Fun fun fun


I free dive

They swim away

It’s quite a fun chase


We pick up our friends at the national park

Cathy does a backflip while we’re waiting

I faceplant/body slam into the water

Netta captures it on video


On to the next stop

Phranang beach for sunset

Such a beautiful island


I want an embrace



Check out the fertility shrine

Take a weird trail

Run into my first wild monkey

Ooooh oooh ahh ahh


Find another beach

It sucks

I cut through a resort to head back

Hot tubs everywhere


We take a walk

To the edge of the beach

The flaming red ball sinks down

So close

Yet so far out of reach


We stare into its projection of colors

The mist or fog or smog protects our eyes

Colors burst

I’ve never seen a sun set like this

What a nice surprise


We hop back on

The sky fills with colors


Straight to black


BBQ yum yum

Fried chicken



Rice and special sauce

Mmm mmm

Too bad Netta can’t enjoy


A new moon

The stars shine

We jump into the dark water

Hold the line


Lights off

Shake our hands

Glowing bubbles surround


Head underwater

I must be tripping

Dive down

Shake all over



Back on the boat

We head back to the pier

Silhouette of the tall rocks

We say goodbye to the magical sea

For now


Fire spinning Matt

Hot tea

Life is good

It’s time to sleep