Koh Tao

If you’re into scuba diving, Koh Tao is the island for you.

I just got off a sleeper ferry in Koh Tao. Left Ao Nang in Krabi at 4pm. Reached the island as the sun was rising just after 6am the following morning.

Most of my fellow passengers and I went to the upper deck to watch as our ship cruised into the pier.

The ordeal involved a van, transfer to a bus, and then finally the ferry.

Was a p solid experience overall – slept well on both the bus and ferry.

I paid 1000 baht but I’m sure the trip could be negotiated down to half that with some work.

When I reached the island, I explored a but, walking past a couple cafes catered to foreigners (breakfast was ~100–200 baht there).

After I got inland a but, I reached a main road which had a few fish markets and some meat on a stick stands. Grabbed 1 of each for 20 baht.


Tao Hub

I wanted to put my bag down somewhere with AC, power, and wifi so I looked for Tao Hub – they’re trying to turn Koh Tao into a coworking destination.

The place was a but hard to find and the expats I asked next door didn’t even know where it was but its not far from the pier.

it had shut down, I saw the sign.

I wouldve probably thought it had shut down if I hadn’t talked to someone on the Tao Hub Facebook page beforehand.

I kept looking and soon found the sign.

Its a nice little outdoor coworking space. No one is here though even though it says its open 24 hours.

I didn’t explore inside bc I didn’t want to trespass but here’s some pictures I took of the space.

There’s a little kitchen through that doorway and they have a few private desks too:

And a refrigerator with soda, beer, water, etc:

And cats:

Tao Hub is new so I’m definitely excited to see how it grows. The outdoor coworking space is neat but I definitely won’t be settling down here any time soon. Would likely be an awesome spot for a scuba enthusiast who also wants to get shot done on a relaxing island.

Its cheap. ~$30 USD/month

Wifi, power, fans, shade, and drinks.

I’m also lucky its only 8am and its not too hot out so it feels nice.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on the wifi for a speed test since no one is here.

But I’m not in Tao to work; I’m here to get my scuba diving certification, so I’ll see you on the other side 🌊

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