Looking for purpose on my phone

Searching for something meaningful

Just another notification tone


Click into another app

Bullshit is all I see

Information overload cram into my head

Am I even listening


Or is it all garbage

Taking space in my head

Stealing my finite attention

Next thing I know I’ll be old and dead


My phone draws me in

Like an addiction

Another hit that doesn’t solve the affliction


Surprise reward

Want it more

A vicious cycle

Yet so much to explore


Maybe a loving message from a friend

Or a cry for love instead

Have to keep checking

Or I might leave a message unread


On call all the fucking time

Right now a pay phone sounds nice

Call you when I want to give you all of me

Instead of doling out love to many sparingly


Snap blue button

100% presence

Video chat

The only digital communication resonating

With my love for people and my love for me


My phone brings me so much opportunity

A trade with the devil

The time and attention cost


Bring me back to the present


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