She took her life

Stole it back from the world


Vibrant personality



Years of pain

That she could feel so much suffering


My body chill to the core

A compulsion to reach out


But it’s too late


A permanent ending

Humans are not the Phoenix


I want to reduce suffering

A friend’s suicide

My biggest fear


It keeps me up at night wondering

Did we do everything?


We could’ve called





A realization

We can’t save everyone

As a matter of fact


So many unknowns

Why why why

Brain chemicals

Keep asking questions

Often no reply


Medication for this and medication for that

But drugs can’t solve everything

Drink some more water

From the tap


Loving each other helps

But sometimes the hardest thing is to

Love ourselves


Sit up straight


Savor the moment, today


I want to devote my life to improve mental health

Unlimited work to do

I’ll start with my self

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