Tom Currier

You amaze me


Your infectious energy

Radical ideas

Make me a little crazy


Mind always racing

We remind each other to take deep breaths


Come over to Mission Control all the time

All my friends dance party

What’s next?


We’ll go our own ways

You’ll work on sleep bus


I’ll focus on myself

Maybe I’ll become a monk


We could write a song

I love myself too damn much to put up with that bullshit


Or start a city

Kudavi Forest could bring so many people such bliss


Honestly, we could do anything

Or nothing

And I’m ok with it either way


I’ll love you always

Thank you for being my best friend

On so many sunny and rainy days


You mean so much to me

Even though I work to remain unnattached


I’m on a plane to Krabi with my friend Cathy

I know that if you were here, we’d have even more of a blast


We could be anywhere



Sitting in silence

We can just be


With you, I feel accepted

My love for people, validated

Craziness, shared


You are the type of friend that is oh so very rare.

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