You came into my life like a meteor

Then disappeared back to New York


In September, we had tea and talked about community

There was so much left to explore


You invited me to commute

To keep the conversation flowing


Walk through Central Park

Pointed out this one cute PUPPAY!!!

We kept on going


On a packed train

Talking as if no one else was around


We shared our radical thoughts

Our motivations on the same wavelength


Mental Health

Why else


People are lonely

They want a purpose to live


We thought community could give

If only you had lived


When we got to NASDAQ

You showed me around


We spoke a little more

Before returning back to the ground


I left and followed up

Hours and hours and hours of conversation left to be had


I guess all I can do now is be glad

You made time for me

Though your time here was scarce


Gave me your 100% presence

No distraction

It was clear


So much thought had collected into your words

Deep-rooted in your own experience

A thesis left to be heard


You flew into and out of my life

Like a meteor burning

Or maybe a shooting star


And now all I’m left with are

All too brief chats on Facebook and Slack

A memory of an intense conversation

And your Medium posts