When I meet someone new, I want to discover their ancient name.

You’re reading this blog post right now, but if you heard your ancient name spoken, you’d join that conversation immediately, forgetting this blog post even existed.

When you hear people say your actual name “Dave!”, you get a small dopamine hit. It feels good. You feel seen, recognized, and if they say it the right way, also cued that you are about to encounter a close friend.

Your ancient name is far more powerful. You can’t ignore it. …

With mindfulness meditation, you are observing in this case a feeling without like or dislike, that’s the idea, without judging it so to speak. You’re observing it you know, kind of objectively. And as a result it, it doesn’t control your thoughts.


So what is mindfulness meditation? Well it consists of observing anything in your realm of experience. Your own mind, your own feelings. Anything you can feel. Sounds you hear while meditating. And if you’re carrying it into everyday life it can be things you see. But it involves observing these things in a kind of unusual way…


And it is part of Buddhist thought, quite explicitly, that our feelings are not reliable guides to reality, in a sense. They’re not entirely trustworthy.

Buddhism says that we should be skeptical of our feelings. They are not necessarily truthful guides to reality and indeed that we should be skeptical of some of the thoughts and the perceptions that feelings foster.

Evolutionary psychology also says a certain kind of skepticism makes sense. Because we are not necessarily designed to see the truth. And in some cases our, our minds are actually designed to see what are literally illusions [to…

Elements of Style On Writing:

“To achieve style, begin by affecting none.”

― E.B. White, The Elements of Style

The first step to being amazing at anything is being prolific; begin.

“The mind travels faster than the pen; consequently, writing becomes a question of learning to make occasional wing shots, bringing down the bird of thought as it flashes by. A writer is a gunner, sometimes waiting in the blind for something to come in, sometimes roaming the countryside hoping to scare something up.”

― E.B. White, The Elements of Style

“Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no…

What Beyoncé & Shakespeare Have In Common: The Key To Creativity

“It’s because Beyoncé understands that creativity is a collective process. That’s why she works with so many people when others artists get comfortable with the same small crew.”

geniuses often cluster in the same place and time because it was easier to copy from one another.”


Two Latinas walked me home


My biggest fear coming to Thailand was falling in love

Then it was motorcycles

Now, it’s dogs


“Tengo miedo” I told them

Afraid of the dogs

They said “just walk in the middle”

They’d stay close


We walked and talked on our way back to Circus

Strolling down the poorly-lit Pai backroads

Got so into the conversation

We missed our turn

Turned around

Walked 5 minutes repeat


On the way back down

We hear some barks

4 dogs come running down

They tell me not to fear

Just keep walking


Sawadee krap and a smile

Thats all you need

To make new friends in Thailand

I guarantee it


I took a ferry across the river

Away from the city


After bussing into bangkok

And dealing with Customs today


My friend Shane made the recommendation

The pier, only a 10 minute walk away


I grabbed a gatorade

And headed south for a day of play


Walk past a market

50 baht chicken

No way


Get to the pier

She tries to rent me a bike too

Only the boat ok


10 baht to cross…

Took a walk through Chumphon

2 hour layover for my bus

Just got off the ferry from Koh Tao


Walking down the main street of the town

People smiled

Sawadee Kob


The cold food at the songserm bus station wouldn’t do

On a mission i search

Looking for fresh food

Every place has it sitting out


Walk past fisherman

People hanging out everywhere

Life here seems like chill fun

It smells like fish


Reach a bend

Its time to turn

I’ve walked in half an hour, its 6, and my bus is at 7



Sitting on the hostel porch

Thinking it’s the end of the night


Two unfinished biers remain

And that’s ok


I was satisfied with my night

Happy, alone


Then a new friend walks up

Just came back from a walk


Tells me tales of the other side of the island

The stars in the night sky

Up that hill


We chat some more

A cool fellow

Very sociable


Fast forward

Next thing you know we’re hailing a cab


100 baht each to the cafe on the hill


Hop in a truck

Hold the…

The sun sets

Just like an oil spill


It’s rays leak into the sky


Hidden behind a cloud

It’s energy bursts out from every direction


The bands of light

Gives a color spectrum

Bright across the sky


As if the entrance to heaven

Lie right behind the massive cloud


To the South

A color palette

Shaded in with crayons



To the right

A pastel of pink, purple, red


On top of it blue


I notice a pocket of radiation

The oil spill colors drag


Like an aurora

On the beach of Koh Tao


Watching the sun set is always a blast

Dave Fontenot

I study hybrid offline/online communities.

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