When everything went wrong, you’re keeping my head on

A love letter to some of the people I admire most, a second home, and the band whose music is a constant reminder of both

The sky was as black as the asphalt we tread. The road rolled out underneath us, passing towns and cities, headlights bleaching the highway as we soared atop the thread that kept those places connected, intertwined. This vessel is a beating heart filled with music that could never be loud enough. These people have permeated every part of my being, these lyrics are steeped in their essence. This city and these suburbs have become so familiar over the past two years, but “familiar” just doesn’t seem to be of justice. Buffalo has become a haven I call home with people who make that so.

Whenever I miss these friends, I listen to Arkells. I think of the drives we’ve had, I think of all the good food we eat, the places we go (even if that is Walden Galleria Mall like… a million times). I remember how lucky I am to have them in my life, the privilege of seeing each of them grow into fantastic individuals who will change the world for the better. Arkells are an audible symbol of somewhere I always feel welcome and loved, wanted and accepted. Somewhere surrounded by people who push me to be better, try harder, and excel in every facet of life.

In just a week, I’ll be surrounded by these people once again; I will make a pilgrimage to some of my closest friends — my family — the ones who are synonymous with the music. From far and wide, we will be together and I still can’t wrap my head around it no matter how many times it happens. And to top it off, we will be seeing this band, all of us in a setting I may not be so lucky to ever experience again. I will honor those moments with everything I can, for they will be some of the best that will ever come my way, just as they always are.