Helo Watch Pyramid Scheme

Is it a helo watch pyramid scheme or a way to leverage ones time, health and finances?

I guess it all depends on what you wish to think.

Everyone is different and has different goals.

Some are completely fine with working a regular job working 40 years (or more) for 40 hours a week and retire on 40 percent of an income they couldn’t even live on while working full-time.

Not everyone has aspirations to be an entrepreneur regardless how many tax breaks they could be receiving, regardless if the tax laws themselves were not written for employees or regardless how much time leverage one could receive by starting their own home based business.

It simply isn’t for everyone.

I don’t see a helo watch pyramid scheme.

What I see is world global network having created a world-class smart watch which provides solutions to the problems millions of people have around the world.

How many employees do you know who are highly skilled, educated and have years of corporate experience who are either broke or barely making ends meet?

76 percent of the working population here in America are living paycheck to paycheck and this is supposedly the richest country in the world.

How could that be?

People simply have been taught to rely on one source of income and often times view the network marketing profession, in this case as a helo watch pyramid scheme.

What Is The Helo Watch?

The helo watch is a fitness monitor which tracks and monitors various bodily vital signs.

World Global Network, the manufacturer of the device, is on pace to become a $2 billion dollar company by the year 2020.

They are the first direct selling company to focus on wearable technology and provide its customers unlimited 10 percent referral commissions on all sales they make.

The company provides each and every customer their own website.

The unlimited 10 percent referral commissions incentive is separate from their highly lucrative business opportunity.

What Does The Helo Watch Do?

Among the various functions and capabilities one of the most important is the panic button.

You can push the button and an immediate SOS text and e-mail message is sent to your guardians informing them of your exact GPS location.

This life saving feature alone makes the $320 purchase price seem quite small.

The helo smart watch also monitors:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Mood
  3. Fatigue Leves
  4. Breathing Rate
  5. Blood Glucose Levels (no more finger pricks for diabetics)
  6. Blood Alcohol (feature coming soon to the helo device which will ensure no one gets behind the wheel uncertain they can)
  7. Monitor loved ones bodily vital signs from another state or country right from your cell phone
  8. Business Opportunity (12 of the highest income earners in all of the network marketing profession come from world global network).
  9. Mosquito Shield
  10. EKG
  11. Steps walked
  12. Calories burned
  13. and much, much more.

If you don’t see this as a helo watch pyramid scheme as some will and see it for what is, a massive financial and health related opportunity than click the link below to get started with us.

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