“The word ‘Believe’ made the impossible possible and divine people like you showed up and the existence of God was proved.”

“The second wave of Covid-19 contrived my family to go through every problem, we cried, we lost but when it came to my brother, I voted not to give up on him. And the volunteers' selfless and secured service proved me right -Giving up is, was and never will be an option.”
Thank you Making The Difference NGO and God to shower your kindness on me at the right time.

“After 12 days in the ICU my brother’s lung capacity went down to 50%. At that moment everybody had given up on him but I decided to give every ounce of my strength, money and love to him. “The word ‘Believe’ made the impossible possible and divine people like you showed up and the existence of God was proved.”
 - (Narendra, Brother of the patient)

"आसान नही है ।
टूटना उठना टूटना उठना और हँसकर लड़ना।
निडर होकर हर मुश्किलों से लड़ना उसमे जीतना और हारना।
पर आसान है प्रयास करने से पहले ही हारना" ।

The above written lines relay the one and only meaning -it's hard to lose and win and not to give up but the easiest thing to do is to sit and not even try. There's a saying "एक भाई की ताकत उसका हिमत दूसरा भाई ही होता है'', Narendra ji, brother of the patient proved it right. His 34 year old, energetic and charismatic brother was found to be infected with Covid-19 virus in the month of April. He was barely surviving and was gravely suffering from pneumonia which caused difficulty in breathing and his lungs capacity dropped to 50%. Narendra ji decided not to give up on his brother and the result is shown in the testimonial above. He is currently using the Oxygen Concentrator provided by Making the Difference NGO. He needed it urgently because the lungs of the patient were so damaged that he could not have survived. But the courage shown by Narendra ji motivated our group to help the patient with sufficient and secured oxygen concentrators.

At the initial stage, the patient was getting treated at the Covid center but after 5 days he was shifted to an ICU in a government hospital. Due to pneumonia the coughing increased and lungs were unable to get proper oxygen. Thus due to lack of oxygen supply and no proper treatment, it ended up causing a lung infection.

Narendra said that he was the only person out there to believe that his brother will survive. ‘I decided to go all out and give every ounce of my strength, money and love to him’, adding more he said, “I shifted my brother to a private hospital after 10 days into treatment, the doctors asked me to arrange an oxygen concentrator for one and half months at home as they were discharging him. The treatment in the private hospital was costly. I was facing many problems at the same time, I was emotionally and economically down.”

Narendra always believed in God and he knows that his brother will soon be on his legs without any support, smiling and dreaming! When Narendra shifted his brother to a private hospital there were three sign boards which said -Believe, Hope and Faith and that equals victory.

Narendra said, “The moment when I saw the boards I felt like God was telling me that everything will be fine. But I was unable to find an oxygen concentrator as some were expensive and some were not sufficient so my friend shared a post of your campaign with me. And without wasting any time I connected with your NGO. The best thing about your NGO is that you keep things simple, let it be contacting or registering. The volunteers were so humble and loyal that it seemed to me as if God was rescuing my brother from all the pain.”

Narendra's brother still ought to have 2 lpm of oxygen after doing the exercises that doctors suggested. The lungs were heavily damaged and were working with a 50% capacity but with the help of the concentrator it is recovering and has gone above 60%. Narendra proved that giving up was not an option. Due to his efforts and perfect support his brother is recovering at a perfect pace with God's grace.

We feel blessed to be part of such an inspiring story and to be the support of such a courageous brother. This story will make a difference. We hope that all of you will lend your hand and heart to save our people and share our Campaign with a big smile so that we can protect humanity and make more differences faithfully.