8 Ways to reduce frustration while Dating

Today, we live in a world where everyone experiences confusion at some point in time when it comes to dating. Women are confused about men; Men are confused about women, and they don’t really know why. In the realm of dating, there is a lot of friction which goes on. The art of dating is what causes this friction.

Relationship frustration

partner when you’re at the peak of your anger

Rearrange your thoughts, and before you begin to interact with your partner, practice a few breathing/stress-reducing techniques. Be calm, breathe in and out and then initiate a conversation by keeping your point.

Ask yourself every time you’re frustrated, “Will this be important next to next week?”

If your answer is a yes, gain a perspective after knowing the other side of the story and facilitating your decision. If your answer is a no, you should feel your aggression deflate a bit, post which you can try to calm yourself down once you know it won’t last long, after a few days.

Identify the triggers that make you feel infuriated

Pinpoint what is bothering you. If you say “you’re so annoying” to your partner, replace it with what makes them annoying like “it frustrates me when you don’t listen to me first and start your own things”. By stating the reason behind your emotion and using personalized statements, one can make things less complicated.

Find ways to ease your anger by modifying your behavior towards your partner

If your special someone forgets to take you out on a date you that both had been planning for a while, simply resolve it by taking them out on an unplanned date; or you can also set up reminders for them to not forget it next the time around. After all, it is natural to forget things when you have other important tasks to take care of as well. Why make it big enough to create boundaries between two special creatures?

Laugh it all out

Yes, trust me…it works! Humour has the power to defuse a situation. You may tell your partner to do something funny that is bound to make you laugh and calm you down. The two of you may prepare a list of things to lighten up the day for you.

Pump yourself up

Go to the gym, run or jog around, get active. This way, you can sweat it out and channelize your aggression and frustration in a positive manner and get some productive outcome out of it as well. What better than a healthy body?

Identify prospect solutions in the case of multiple concerns

Jot down a list of possible solutions yourself, or if you feel like, with your partner. Don’t pay attention to whether it would be a success or not. Just brainstorm alternatives that could work out for the two of you!

Have a future perspective, if you really want things to become right

Imagine things got perfectly fine between you and your partner — how do you feel? Visualize the outcome you’re working for and set your sight on achieving that outcome. Just focus on fixing the situation to make your bonds healthy. It is wise to be prepared for downfalls, but by having a healthy vision to look forward to, bouncing back to a good phase with your partner would become easier.

Positive Dating

Stay hopeful and positive! Don’t let your temporary frustration or aggression come between the sweet bond that you and your loved one share! :-)