Regular on 1MG? You can skip paying every time you order.

We’re pumped to announce that Simpl is now available on 1MG’s Android app. Simpl lets you skip paying every time you order. Instead, you get one bill with everything added up, which you can pay in one go.

For 1MG users, this means a fast, hassle-free, 1-tap way to buy. Once in two weeks, they’ll receive a total bill which can be paid in one go.

The GIF below shows how easy placing an order will be.

Yes, it’s as easy as it looks :)

Apart from 1MG, Simpl is also available on a range of other merchants like Zomato, BookMyShow, FreshMenu and Faasos. So users get one bill for all orders made across merchants.

To see the full list of merchants, or to know more, visit

Or check out what’s being tweeted about Simpl.

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