These Are My 4 Favorite Torrent Sites (avail in USA)

While most consumers have their “go-to” torrent site, when starting out it’s hard to know which one is the best for any given category: movies, games, software, etc. Humans are creatures of habit so once they find a solution, they typically don’t stray too far.

However, in terms of torrentz speed, array of options, and seeding I’d say that it’s best to shop around. Each download site can offer a different variety and quality of what you’re looking for.

Below is my list of my favorite 4 torrent sites.


Living off it’s (notorious?) reputation, the “king of all torrents” has laid claim to the top of the list. According to similarweb, it shows 288.29M visits/month and #115 in the USA. While I like the assortment of seeded torrents for movies and television shows, finding music isn’t so easy. I’d say that’s my only big complaint.


Coming in at a soft #2, is living off it’s hype from 2007. It took a healthy dip in May and June from server malfunctions, but has jumped back to the top in July. Known for it’s safer-side downloads, uTorrent is rapidly growing within the torrent category. If they’re able to provide faster music installs, I think they’d be my number one pick!


Although Limetorrents with it’s 26.39 million is significantly smaller than the top two players, it’s rapidly growing within the USA. Normally torrent players have a skewed location demographic, typically catered toward India and Brazil. In those countries it’s more about movies and television media.

4.) Torrentz2

As a 2nd edition of the original (which is mostly popup ads), this site isn’t as awful as you’d think. The downloads are quicker than Limetorrents and the design layout makes it easy to know which results have the most seeding (equating to download speed). Also the search capabilites in my opinion are better than thepiratebay and utorrent.

Next time I’ll be posting 4 unknown torrent sites that are secretly amazing!

Originally published at on August 29, 2017.