Blockchain PPA

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Image for post is deploying in North America starting with energy-intensive C&I customers who want to trade clean energy kWh to cut costs and/or carbon and/or simply to create options learning-by-doing.

This hands-on, proactive approach is accelerated by’s no-cost Spring implementation of’s API platform pulling data from in-place non-PPA meters without hardware or software for a simple unintrusive deployment costing only a tiny charge/kWh for commercial use.

One further way to scale clean energy assets is to do ‘blockchain PPAs’ paid upon transaction so there are no accounts receivable and no collections to further cut contracting and…

Mark Johnson

Founder of & 501(c)3 not-for-profit, 'grad' of USDOE, Schneider, IBM, Navigant, Notre Dame, Loyola MBA

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