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Great piece, gripping read, thanks for writing.

I am a recovering addict myself, and I fully believe a psychedelic experience can have the effect you describe — I’ve never heard of anyone achieving it with Robitussin, but a lot of people are getting into ayuhuasca now apparently…

But I also cannot help but feel skeptical of its lasting power — if your experience cured your cravings but did not address the underlying issues that led you to drink that way in the first place, I wonder if it won’t be easy to stumble back into addiction again (if not with alcohol or drugs, perhaps with something else).

I have had psychedelic experiences where I came to understand profound truths about the universe, however those understandings inevitably faded away.

I say this with all humility, and knowing that likely you have heard it from many other people. Only you know what is the truth for you, and I respect that! I admire your strength and am glad you are sober today! Best of luck.

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