Joshua Hehe

Ironically, it is my addiction to narcotics and my journey of recovery that have led to my greatest spiritual insights and most satisfying life changes for me. Any insights I had when using psychedelics, no matter how profound, inevitably faded as the drugs wore off. What was crystal clear inevitably became re-obscured.

When I first started using drugs it was mainly psychedelics, and while I was indeed curious to understand the secrets of the universe at the time, I realize now that, at bottom, I used them for the same reasons as I used harder substances: to escape the same underlying dissatisfaction with and fear of reality.

Am I saying don’t do psychedelics? Nope. I’m sure they can have benefits, especially in a controlled setting with a therapist. But I think people can and do get caught up in the “finger pointing at the moon,” as they say. I think Alan Watts said… “when you get the message, hang up the phone.” But then again, he was a raging alcoholic haha.

Thanks for writing!