Quick Tips: Using the Daylio app as a Mobile Life Journal

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What is Daylio?

Screenshots from the Daylio App

Here’s how I use Daylio

Things I learned about myself

  • Overall my Mood count was distributed as Awesome (3), Good (137), OK (200), Not Good (22), and Awful (3). I tend to be pretty hard on myself so the Awesome days were really Awesome and the Goods were special too. I was happy to see my overall distribution leaned in the right direction (140 A+G days vs only 25 NG+Awful days).
  • The top 5 Activities were Jackson Time (297 days), Seeking Wisdom (290), JeeHo (286), Bella (268), and a tie at #5 for Anne Time and Family Dinners (239). Jax (8) and JeeHo (3) are my sons, Bella is my dog, and Anne is my wife. To see that Family time was the leading activity across the board was validation that my life is being spent on the right things! (Although I’m not sure that Anne was thrilled about being #5 — perhaps we should keep that one to ourselves, neh?)
  • I was also happy to see that I meditated a lot (227), helped Jax with education items (226), drank some good tea (216), worked on my novels (166), and had 108 days where I ate really healthy. Those are all good.
  • On the down-side, I would have liked to have written more (166 should be 266 !), I only did 94 days of cardio and 90 workouts (even combing them is not enough), I felt physically tired too much (92), had too many beers (141), played a lot of video games (131 — although a good bit was with Jax), got into some poor eating habits (late snacking 53 days — usually with a beer while watching Netflix with Anne, ate really poor 52 days, and had fast food 19 times — yikes), had 30 overnights for work (that’s a month of my life totally away from the family), and we only had 7 full days of away-from-home family vacation time (way way way too few). These are all things I need to work on.

Now here’s where it gets really powerful

  • Every Awesome day included Jax Time.
  • Awful days were directly correlated with being depressed, working 12+ hours, and also flying on planes (it didn’t help that I experienced vertigo on a 5-hour flight last year — try landing with a couple flight attendants sitting on top of you in the aisle while you lay on the floor because your head is spinning (definitely not the Mile High club I’d always envisioned!)
  • Certain activities pulled my Mood count in the ‘right’ direction where Awesome+Good was greater than OK days. This is important because recall that most of my days (200) were tagged as “OK,” so by identifying the activities that are correlated with A+G days I know that, by focusing on them going forward, I can give myself a better chance to have more great days. These activities were: Jax Workouts, Cardio, Working Out, Jeeho Education, Yoga, Self-Improvement, 14+ Hour Fasting, Jax Meditations, AM Ritual, Ab Workout, Special Events, and Friend Time.
  • Certain other activities pulled my Moods in the wrong direction (more weighted towards Not Good+Awful). These were Working 12+ hours, Driving 4+ hours in a day, Depression, Work Overnights, and Flying.
  • And finally, some activities were so great that doing them was associated with only positive days. These included Swimming, Cooking, Time Off from Work, Anne Time, and Family Vacations. These are all a big focus for me in 2018 because, hey, who doesn’t want to have only great days?!?

Are you starting to see the power of this app?

Bonus Tidbits

  1. Jax is now also addicted to tracking his day with Daylio.
  2. Don’t just take my word for it, check out what the National Institute of Health said about Daylio — an article about Daylio from the NIH.

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I’m Mike, “That Helpful Dad.” I share practical wisdom to real life problems. 3x Startup. 5x Books. Connect with me at https://thathelpfuldad.com/

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That Helpful Dad

That Helpful Dad

I’m Mike, “That Helpful Dad.” I share practical wisdom to real life problems. 3x Startup. 5x Books. Connect with me at https://thathelpfuldad.com/

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